Career in Merchant Navy

By | June 4, 2014
merchant navy
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There are clear advantages and few disadvantages in the career of merchant navy.

After 12th science with PCM, you can give all India entrance for T.S Chanakya and you are trained there for off shore and on shore. 

merchant navy

Otherwise B.Sc Nautical Science is a rather costly way to complete same type of training in a private institute. Travelling around the world, meeting various people from various countries and a hefty pay package from day one are the advantages. On the other hand away from family for months, not able to be on shore and required to mix with people of different cultures and religions can be a challenge and may lead to back out from this profession.

After successful training and one short voyage you can appear for first examination to officially enter into executive branch of Merchant Navy: 3rd mate exam, successfully 2nd, 1st mate and the chief and the captain exams are to be cleared, which takes usually a decade.

Navigating the ship in any good or bad weather condition is not an easy task. It needs weather, ocean, technology understanding based on mathematics. This is a challenging also rewarding career for those who want to take adventures on their stride.

Great sailors of history

  • Vasco da Gama
  • Christopher Columbus


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