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Build Your Career With The Help Of Careerfutura

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The education support Programmes at the career counselling sites are generally aimed at overcoming the lack of opportunities available to the needy. They also work towards imparting skills which help students to decide career option after 12th. Careerfutura works with a belief that the extensive network of students needs to be trained with career assessment test which makes them knowledgeable to take decisions after the schooling. The entire program aims to increase employment opportunities through imparting skills & laying a solid foundation of education for students to decide what to do after graduation.

Their career assessment tests are more focused towards understanding the as-is condition of every student to decide career option after 12th. The test comprises of questions and cases which help in determining the positives and negatives of each student. They have experts who analyse the career assessment test of students; give solutions and suggestions which will enhance the career opportunities of every individual. These tests are offered for students from 8th to 10th to 12th to graduates and professionals. Depending on the age of students, their education background the tests are conducted by careerfutura to help students decide what to do after graduation.

At careerfutura general routine tests are also organized which are known as habit tests. They help parents in determining the study capability of a student. The tests are more oriented towards checking the memory power, concentration levels and other aspects which will determine how the students are interested in learning a subject.

Careerfutura is the only counselling centre which can provide online reports on student’s capability to help parents in improving their marks in academic. With this particular support, parents can make children increase their concentration power, they can identify the best ways to teach them and finally motivate them to study effectively.

Besides career counselling, the careerfutura also helps associates to play a greater role in improving the students in the country. The company offers best services to associates in the form of guidance and access to all careerfutura documents which will help them to serve the students better and in particular giving strong plans for career option after 10th for children. Joining with careerfutura as associates is very simple and you can get the better margin to have a successful career in the field of counselling.

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Join As An Associate To Help Youth In Determining Their Future

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Become a career counsellor, it is a great profession in terms of serving the youth of the country and creating a better future for them individually and the country as a whole. At careerfutura great plan are offered for the associates to join their journey of improving the career of students in India through various career assessment test, courses and counselling. The plans laid out for the counsellor jobs are drafted overhauling all the needs of business, resources and to offer the best career counselling services for students in the country.

Partnering with careerfutura will definitely give confidence to our associates because we are the leading national player in India in the field of career counselling and we have a large base of students reach.

The resources at careerfutura are plenty and will surely help the associates to save time and money. After joining as associates, all the cutting edge technology which careerfutura had designed over the years will be accessible and the associates can just start running in servicing students and making revenues.

The associates will be allowed to use all the important careerfutura material like the career assessment test, education material which will help students to choose career option after 10th and 12th, habit tests, online reports, psychometric test and real time expert advice. They can access the material and are free to perform the following programs for students and professional people-

  • Career Assessment test for career option after 8th
  • Career Assessment test for career option after 10th
  • ·          Career Assessment test for career option after 12th
  • Career Assessment test for career option after graduation
  • Career Assessment test for profession
  • Study habit test for all age groups
  • Live expert advice and all career manuals
  • Talks to experts and reports on various past tests
  • Personalized counselling sessions
  • Study report and access to all information online for 365 days

If you are interested in changing the lives of students and making money in the process, then you need to come and join careerfutura. You need to have only the aspect of passion to serve the community with few resources and certain general skills of administration.

All are welcome to join hands with careerfutura to make a greater and leading franchise in educational sector for providing the finest of profession counselling facilities in India for students.

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Don’t Panic While Choosing A Career After 12 – Analyse Yourself

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Once the students enter 12th standard, they start thinking of career option after 12th and worry a lot. But, now students can feel free and not worry about what to do after 12th as careerfutura is now there to guide and help students to show them the path of success.

What to do after 12th is not a question which can be easily answered or assessed. By looking at the depth of the question, careerfutura introduced scientific ways in which they assess students and show them the career option after 12th through career assessment test. The career assessment test basically understands the strengths of the students, their weakness, and their academic history and then suggests recommendation on what is the best career option after 12th for an individual.

Their experts who have up to date knowledge of how the industry is shaping gives advice to the students on which stream to focus upon. The expert advice not only stops in showing the career stream, but also extend the services in reviewing the colleges in the country and suggest options on which college, which place and which course to take.

The career counselling company also examine each course college offers and then suggests the best course for students based on their interest and capability to succeed. They take extra care in giving suggestions and career counselling to students since they are aware that the student’s future is at stake. All the suggestions which they offer to the students are majorly focussed on giving a good career opportunity which has the potential to make the student learn more in life. They generally assess student’s personality, knowledge, aptitude, and attitude and then suggest the best course. Their career psychotherapist or career leadership service can understand the student’s Ability scores and support them find their correct Progress or Profession.

The career guidance after the career assessment test with students having the dilemma of what to do after 12th is tremendously helpful and one can yield assistance of the career specialists / expert analysts at anytime and any date in the year.

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