Career, Scope and Opportunities in Railway Driver

By | October 15, 2020
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Locomotive Driver

Railway Engine Driver is a person who transports passengers and goods in a train from one destination to another. If in any case, the engine driver fall short to execute his task, then the effort of all other staffs will go futile. Hence, railway engine drivers job is more challenging. They halt the train at different stations and simultaneously takes care in case of route diversion, following other trains or avoiding early arrival at the station. They control the acceleration and braking of the train.

railway driver

Key to Success

To be successful in Railway Driver you should have/ develop:

  •   hard work
  •   Enthusiasm
  •   Inquisitive Mind
  •   stamina

Scope and opportunities

Train driver along with the Guard is in charge of the train. He makes sure that the station masters has allowed the departure of the train from the station and responsibly carry the train safely to its destination. Not often, if the train parts, or breaks down, or if a signal is defective the driver consults the guard on how to proceed but it is the driver whose presence of mind, calmness, responsibility towards his work and above all his co-ordination with the guard is necessary to do the job in tough conditions. 

Lifestyle & Social Status

  • Less social contacts
  • Have to work in irregular hours
  • Its indoor job

Job Profile

  1. A driver starts his career as a diesel or electric loco assistant driver on a goods train where he checks the state of the locomotive, help with all the auxiliary equipment as needed, and to call out the aspects of the signals.
  2. Initially, an assistant driver has to work as an assistant on goods trains, then on passenger trains, and finally on express trains, later, progress as a driver on passenger trains and finally on express trains. One needs more than 30 or 35 years, to become the driver for a Rajdhani or Shatabdi train.

Skill set

  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Very good eye sight
  • self-confidence
  • responsibility
  •  punctuality
  •  courage

Work Value

  • Persistency
  • Greater Concentration
  • Stamina

Current Job Scenario

The pay scale of a newly appointed Railway Driver is around Rs.3,050/- to Rs.4,590/- PM. However these pay scales keep on revising from time to time.

They are benefitted with the attractive remuneration and incentives along with contributory provident fund, gratuity, medical facilities and free or concessional Railways passage also to family members and dependants 

Top Recruiters

  • Indian Railway

  Course Synopsis

Course Options Railway Exam
Academic Eligibility Electrical/Mechanical diploma with minimum 55%
Entrance Exam            All India level exam and interview

Career prospect

  1. Indian railway personnel service
  2. Engineering sector
  3. Revenue sector
  4. Station master

 Entrance Exam


Success stories

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