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Determine Your Childs Learning Style

Is your child a visual, auditory or a kinesthetic learner? Does your child use tree diagrams; flow charts to remember important points? Or does your child read aloud while studying or is it that your child prefers to pace around while studying? Let’s find out. Learning styles are nothing but the way in which people

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Importance of Developing Hobbies

You’ve probably heard the saying, “an idol mind is a devils workshop”. It holds true because most children today are preoccupied with school work and tuitions that by the time they finish all these tasks, there is hardly any time left for developing hobbies. With the little time they have left they while it away

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Parenting Styles and its Effects

Parents need to realize the part they play as individuals in the development of their child. The way their child develops is dependent on the way parents rear their child. The person the child becomes is based on factors such as the environment at home, school and the various experiences the child has, are what

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