9 Simple Ways to Develope Healthy Parent – Teacher Relationships

By | October 13, 2013
Develop Parent Teacher Relationship

Children spend most of their waking hours with their teachers, in comparison to the time spent with their parents. For this reason it is important for us as parents to develop positive relationship with our child’s teachers. Many Parents interested in the academic performance of their Child, look for ways to help their child. Mainly seeking assistance from the child’s teachers and the research that we do on the subject. Most teachers have to teach approximately 100 children at a time which can be stressful. Some also make judgments about the teacher’s behavior towards their kids based on the information given to them by their children. At times parents tend to forget that most teachers look for the welfare of their students just as we as parents seek to aid our kids in their development. We also find it difficult to accept that sometimes the teachers are more or less aware of the happenings of our kids on the school premises in comparison to us. Therefore having a partnership with them is so important. In light of this, there are a few ways that can aid parents in developing a positive relationship with the instructors. The points that will be discussed in this article are highlighted in the table.

Develop Parent Teacher Relationship

Introduce yourself to the Teacher

Common Responsibilities

Introduce your Child to the Teacher



Effective Communication

Be Involved

Don’t Jump to Conclusions


1. Introduce yourself to the Teacher: the first step to developing a positive relationship is to introduce yourself. To do this you need to meet the teacher in person if possible, or send an email to the teacher.

2. Introduce your child to the teacher: the next step is to introduce your child, by highlighting the strengths and weakness of you child. These two aspects will help them to put together both your child’s face and yours. Once they identify who your child is it will help them to member your child better.

3. Realizations:

  • Teachers are also Human: we as parents need to realize that teachers are also human, they too have their share of good and bad days. They too have personal problems to deal with and they too get stressed out just as we parents do for the same reasons and from time to time.

  • Keep up with Expectations: they too have to keep up to the expectations that the school imposes on them just as we as parents have expectations from our employers. Additionally, they also need to match up to the expectations that we as parents have of them. Like parents even teachers too have high expectation from their pupils.

  • Doing the best they can: we parents also need to realize that they are doing the best they can and sometimes they too need help like us.

  • Reason for Choice: most teachers take up this profession because they like kids and are passionate about teaching.

4. Be Involved: parents need to be involved in their child’s life when it matters. Be it an after school activity, a game, a dance recital, a play or a drama, a dance etc. you should be present there because this will give you an idea as to kind of friends your children are most likely to be interacting with on a regular basis. You will also be able to talk with the parents of these children and you just might become good friends. You will inturn be able to count on each other to keep an eye on your kids.

5. Misconceptions: most parents have a misconception that our job is to only provide a good education to our children and since our kids spend most of their time at school it is the teachers duty to ensure that our child does well and they need to see to the overall development of our children. Sorry to disappoint you but it is not that simple and that is not the case either. Parents need to be as involve in the growth and performance of their child if they wish their children to turn into good and capable individuals.

6. Common Responsibilities:

  • Understanding of a Subject: apart from this they also have to ensure that all the students understand the topics that are being taught in class.

  • Overall Development: although they are involved in the overall development of their pupils we as parents share this responsibility.

  • Academic Performance:Just as they are responsible for the performance of their students, we too as parents are equally responsible for our kids performance.

  • Personal Attention: in a class of 50 to 100 students it is not possible for the teacher to give personal attention to each student. Their main objective is to help the pupil understand the basic concepts so that they are able to solve the questions correctly. The performance of our kids is dependent up on the amount they practice the concepts at home to strengthen their base, hence this is where we as parents need to do our part.

7. Participation: it is important for parents to participate in the Parent Teacher Meetings which are held in school at different intervals. Attending these meetings provides a platform for parents to interact with the teaching staff and discuss problems that their children face in their academics. It also gives you a chance to meet the parents of the other kids that your child interacts with. If you are requested to lend a helping hand in school activities, take it because you will learn a lot about your child’s day to day activities. If you have a special talent that can aid in the curriculum inform the teacher so that they can arrange a specified time and give you a platform to share it with the children.

8. Effective Communication: it is important for parents to highlight the problems their child faces with the teacher. To get inputs on the progress of your child and their behavior both academically and socially. This will also help you to find out if there are any problems that you have noticed and the possible causes.

9. Don’t Jump to Conclusions: if your child portrays the meanness or unfairness of their teacher. Don’t go on their word completely instead try to find out about it from the source i.e. the teacher. Look at things from the teachers perpective. Maintaining a neutral stance until you have more information. Don’t talk negatively about a teacher in front of your kids. Instead, email or call the teacher and ask politely for the teacher’s point of view. If such an issue crops up this is where the rapport that your have developed with the teacher pays off. As you will be able to get the information you need.

By following these do able ways, chances are that the relationships between the teacher and you will definitely be strengthened and it will enhance your child’s progress as well. For information on ways to improve your child’s Maths Skills and English skills you can visit www.careerfutura.com.

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