Career, Scope and Opportunities in Fire Engineering

By | October 12, 2020
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Fire Engineering

The birth of Fire Engineering has a very special and benign purpose behind it. Clearly, it is a work of science only where the application of scientific and engineering principles, rules, Codes, and expert judgment are taken into consideration for the safety of people and their assets. Fire Engineering provides solutions to withstand its hazardous effects.  This engineering plays a significant role during the disastrous situations, and helps in avoiding the destructive effects of fire on people, property and on the environment. In the protective role, they may advise and assist various organizations in taking protection against fire hazard. They may be required to design or recommend materials or equipment, fire extinguishing systems, alarm systems and devices, advising on location, handling and maintenance of such devices, equipment and systems.

fire engineering

Key to Success

To be successful in Fire Engineering you should have/ develop:

  •   Helping Nature
  •   Take Initiative
  •   Presence of Mind
  •   Physically Strong
  •   Self discipline & responsibility
  •   Constant updating of knowledge of techniques
  •   Calmness of mind under potentially dangerous circumstances

Scope and Opportunities

Fire Services have to keep abreast of fresh and increasing demands. Each state government maintains a fire department to look after preventing and precautionary aspects of fire safety. Fire Engineers may also opt for the work of supervisor in insurance company assessing the extent of damage suffered by insured party, investigating the cause of the fire, the efficiency of the fire safety devices, equipment, alarm system etc. Self employment could be as an insurance fire surveyor, or the fire consultant for various industries and commercial enterprises, or in risk management consultancies or in manufacturing fire equipment, safety equipment, installation of fire detection systems, etc. The work of a fire engineer offers a lot of responsibilities and challenges, be it in regular employment or self employment.

As a Fire Engineer, various job profiles are available in the following areas:

  •   Public/Government fire Stations
  •   Self Employment
  •   Fire consultant for various industries

Lifestyle & Social Status

Fire Engineers have a vital role to play in ensuring protection and precaution against fire hazard by designing fire detection equipment/Systems and safeguarding and rescuing life and property from fire. A Fire Engineer’s job is 24X7 jobs. They have to be ready to go anywhere required like mountains, houses, factories, shops& office at anytime during day and night.

Job Profile

On a typical day a Fire Engineer performs some of the following duties:-

  •   fire suppression systems, and fire alarm check
  •   fire and smoke barriers, space separation check
  •   Smoke control and management
  •   Escape facilities- Emergency exits, Fire lifts etc.
  •   Building design, layout, and space planning
  •   Fire prevention programs
  •   Fire dynamics and fire modeling
  •   Human behavior during fire events
  •   Risk analysis, including economic factors

Skill Sets

  • Research methodology
  • Advanced investigative skills
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Advisory and supervisory skills
  • Damage control management
  • Positive attitude

Work Value

  • Result Oriented
  • Take Initiative/Responsibility
  • Smart work
  • job security
  • Team Work
  • Service Oriented
  • Love for the living & Strong urge to preserve life

Current Job Scenario

Job Prospective are widely open in these fields not only in India but huge vacancies are available in foreign countries, abroad there you can be employed as fire engineer / officer / fire man, Safety Officers / Manager / Safety assistant, environment engineer / officer. You can be placed in anyone of the following industry, company, corporate, organization, such as Oil Refineries, Airports, Airlines, Railway Network, Merchant Navy, Electronics Industry, Computer Industry, Mechanical Industry, Chemical Industry, Hazardous Industry, Transportation & Construction Industry, All Star Hotels, Shopping Complexes, Large Installations & Fire department / Services & Safety Department. A Fire Engineering has so many opportunities to work for various profiles like fire Engineer, Damage control Manager, and Supervisor safety.

Top Recruiters

  •   Agni Industrial Fire Services Pvt Ltd.
  •   B S Engineers
  •   Cosmo Fire Safety Industries
  •   Electromech Fire Fighters Pvt Ltd.
  •   Firetech Equipment & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Course Description
Course Options Diploma in Fire Services Engineering

  • ITI Diploma
  • Advance Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
  • Diploma in Fire Fighting and Industrial Security
  • B.Tech Safety & Fire Engineering
  • BSc Fire safety and disaster Management from Punjab Technical University.
Academic Eligibility After 12th Science (PCM)/Advance Diploma – B.E./B.Tech /

Diploma – S.S.C and above

After 12th Science (PCM)/

After 12th Science ( PCM/PCB)

Fees Rs. 5000 per annum Rs. 70K to Rs. 90K per annum  
Overall expenditure in Metro and Tier-1 Rs. 2 LK -2.5 LK Per/Year Rs. 2.5 LK -3 LK Per/Year  
Overall expenditure in Tier-2 Rs. 1.25 LK – Rs. 12LK Per/Year Rs. 1.5 LK – Rs. 1.7 LK Per/Year  
Duration 6 Months – 2 years 3 ½ years (including 6 months practical Training)  
Mode Regular Regular  
Approved UGC UGC  
Affiliation AICTE,DTE AICTE  
Entrance Exam

B.Tech - CUSAT, State Level Engineering Entrance Exam, Engineering Institute Level Exam

Education Loan  

Career prospect

  1. Fire fighter
  2. Fighter man
  3. Fire & safety officer
  4. Industrial safety executive
  5. Fire officer
  6. Junior fireman

Entrance Exam

  • For Diploma Course: Admission based on merit basis
  • For BE / B.Tech : JEE Mains / JEE Advance & State Level Entrance Exam

Success stories

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