Difference between Computer Science and Information Technology

By | November 7, 2013
Difference Between Computer Science and Information Technology
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Difference Between Computer Science and Information TechnologyMost computer aspirants continue to struggle with distinguishing between Computer Science and Information Technology. These individuals share a common confusion in whether there is any difference between Computer Science (B.C.S.) and Information Technology (IT). They are all of the notion that there isn’t any sort of difference between the 2 as the theory behind each is quite similar, hence these courses are easily mistaken to be same. Although that may be the case, it is not entirely true. Here’s why?

Even though the subject matter of each is relatively similar, the former is but a mixture and application of Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Complexity Theory or Algorithms to understand and/or model information, while the latter is a mixture and application of Programming, Hardware Administration, Software Administration, Networking, Network Security and Technical Support. In a nut shell, “Computer Science is based primarily on computation, while Information Technology is the management of computers” (Techvyom).

Computer Science deals with the representation and processing of information using algorithmic techniques, data structures, computational complexity theory, distributed computation, parallel computation, VLSI, machine learning, computational biology, computational geometry, information theory, cryptography, quantum computation, computational number theory and algebra, program semantics and verification, automata theory and the study of randomness. The theory of Computer Science comprises of the evolution and development of models of computation, programming methodologies and the expression of computation; commonly done through the use of programming languages like C++ or Java (Techvyom).

Aside from these aspects it also deals with building software and systems with the specification and assessment of their properties. The purpose of Computation is to automate and solve real world problems. Computer Science defines how problems can be modeled and represented abstractly, how efficient and verifiable solutions can be derived and expressed and it also describes the process and methodology involved to take a project from the initial problem stage to arriving to a solution (Techvyom).

Computer Science application and research combines information management, computation and system design with other domain specific areas such as Engineering, Science, Arts and Mathematics. The domain specific research deals with Robotics and Control, Machine Vision and Human-Machine Interaction, Geographic Information Systems, Music Technology, Finance, Media Studies so on and so forth. The combination of degrees and domain knowledge expertise in other disciplines with Computer Science opens a wealth of employment opportunities.

On the other hand Information Technology is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware (Techvyom).

Information technology (IT) or information and communication technology (ICT) is the technology required for information processing. In particular the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and securely retrieve information from anywhere, anytime (Techvyom).

Information technology is learning to use computers in business or in practical application. While most schools require at least some basic programming courses for information technology, they don’t become programmers. It is simply so they understand, at a very basic level, what is involved behind the scenes (Techvyom).

To sum up; Computer Science is learning to program applications and the theory behind that (programming and its languages), while Information technology is mainly learning to use technology in business (application based by users).

Based on all these aspects we can conclude that Computer Science and Information Technology, although similar in the subject matter are entirely different from each other due to the differing objectives and their usage. Hope this article cleared the confusion that you may have had at the beginning about Computer Science and Information Technology. For information about the Job Prospects in Computers, articles such as All about Computer Courses and Career Prospects in Computers may interest you. You can also visit our sister website www.way2k.com for more information about Computer Courses.

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