Education franchise opportunities by online portals allow experts to become a career advisor

By | June 3, 2017
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The relationship between teacher and taught is very important and determines the extent of learning that takes place in the mind of the child. If this relation is faltered or inconsistent then the child suffers in a holistic manner through poor performance, learning and aptitude development. It has been said that unless the teacher understands the requirements of the student generically, he cannot deliver in a resonant way. This philosophy in itself defines the gist of the teacher – student relation.

However, the concept of ‘classroom’ which is an integral part of the academics and schooling around the world runs contrary to the above stated philosophy! This causes the discrepancy because the teacher is required to attend to many students at a time and thus cannot be focused on the learning demands of every student. Such discrepant condition in the schooling systems is a fact and has been held responsible for the under grooming of child mind. Online franchise in educational sector is a concept that has been developed with the objective of plugging the gaps and to remove the discrepancy discussed above. Today, leading online career and academic guidance portals offer the talented individuals to become a career advisor with them and serve the mammoth student bases where each seeker is waiting for the customized escorts and assistances by the subject experts and generalists. Thus the new system of online interaction has been developed whereby the student can reach out to any expert in real time and get assisted.

Serve more students from your city!

While students can benefit a lot through such online ‘one to one’ mechanism, the individuals who choose to become a career advisor with such portals also benefit tremendously. If the advisor really has the talent (which in most cases is tested by the internal assessment system of the portal itself) then he could find supra exposure and demand for his services. This means that person can offer his services to large numbers of students without even moving out of his town or city. The outreach is thus increased multifold and thence the earnings! A broader version of this concept includes offering education franchise opportunities to the schools also that wish to become the knowledge partner through the adoption of smart ICT technologies of age.

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