Everything you want to know about NATA

By | August 21, 2014
Everything you want to know about NATA
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With the booming construction industry and rapid growth in the infrastructure projects in India, a career in architecture is in great demand. The architect does not only design building but also takes into consideration the aesthetic, technical, functional, environmental and social aspects that go into the creation of buildings and living spaces. While designing buildings and other structures, architects make sure that they are functional, safe, and economical and suit the needs of the people who use them. In other words the challenge for an architect is to design a beautiful structure within a limited budget.

Everything you want to know about NATA

Everything you want to know about NATA

What is the definition of Architecture?

The dictionary.com defines Architecture as the profession of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect.

What are the required skills for Architect?

The role of an architect is quite diverse, and so are the skills and personal qualities required:

  • Must be imaginative and creative thinking skills
  • A strong ability to analyse and critically assess problems
  • Very good ability to see the big picture as well as giving attention to the smallest detail
  • Should have the ability to communicate effectively
  • Sound understanding of history, and cultural and environmental concerns

With the given knowledge if you are passionate about entering in to this filed, apart from the basic qualifications, you must clear NATA. Do you want to know your fitment for Architecture? Click here.

This test required for admissions to 1st year of 5 year B.Arch. degree course at all institutes / schools / colleges of Architecture in India (including Govt., Govt-aided, Private Unaided, University Depts., Deemed Universities, etc.), offering courses, and leading to Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

What is NATA?

The national aptitude test in architecture (NATA) measures the aptitude of the applicant for specific field of study, i.e. Architecture.

Everything you want to know about NATA 11

Who should take NATA?

Prospective applicants desirous of taking admission to First year of undergraduate course in Architecture (Bachelor of Architecture) in India should take NATA.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Any person having passed SSC (Std X) or equivalent examination can appear for NATA, however, candidates having minimum 50% marks in 10+2 or equivalent examination with mathematics as one of the subject, only are eligible for admission to B.Arch. Course.

Where to appear for NATA?

You can appear for NATA at designated Test Centres located at centres/colleges / schools of architecture in India.  Updated list of Test centres is available at the website http://www.nata.in

When to appear for NATA?

NATA can be given on any working day from March onwards every year, for current year dates refer the website.

How to register for NATA?

1.   Student need to Purchase NATA Information Brochure & Registration form by payment of NATA fees at selected bank branches of “ICICI Bank Ltd.”.

2.   Fill up the Registration form and procure the necessary registration documents.

3.  Select a Test Centre (from the website http://www.nata.in) at a location convenient to the candidate.

4.   Approach the Test Centre with the filled up form and the documents.

5.   Select convenient date for appearing for NATA.

6.   Request Test Centre to register the candidate on the selected date.

7.   Procure Receipt cum Appointment voucher from the Test Centre.

8.   Appear for NATA on the registered date at the selected Test Centre.

How to appear for NATA?

Report to the test centre at least 30 minutes before scheduled time of test   with Receipt cum   Appointment voucher, valid photo ID and drawing material required for the test. Test Centre personnel will guide you regarding the further process.

When & where is the score card available?

The score cards will be available on NATA website in e-format, usually, on the fourth working day after the test.

What is the passing score at NATA?

As  per  Council  of  Architecture admission  guidelines,  a  candidate applying to any  school / college of architecture in India should have achieved 40% score in NATA, i.e. at least  80/200,  for consideration  of admission into first year B.Arch.

Where can a candidate seek admission on the basis of NATA?

A candidate may  apply   for  admission to  any  of  the  participating institutions  as   per   the  time  schedule  specified by  the  respective appropriate admission authority,  along  with all the documents desired by it.

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