7 Tips to Crack the KSET Exam

By | November 26, 2013
KSET exam
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There are various entrance examinations that are conducted for admissions in to various courses such as Engineering, Management or for that matter even designing courses. Likewise you have several entrance examinations that are conducted for various posts one such exam is the Karnataka State Eligibility Test (KSET). The KSET is conducted by the University of Mysore for determining the eligibility for Lectureship (Assistant Professorship) in various universities / colleges / Institutions (Government / Aided / Private) in Karnataka State. Given the difficulty of the entrance there are several tips that can assist applicants in their preparation. Since there are 32 subjects the preparation differs according to the nature of the subject, hence here are 7 tips to crack the KSET easily.

How to crack Karnataka state eligibility test | KSET ExamTip1: Pay attention to your health

For your brain to function at its optimum level, it is important for one to eat a nutritious diet, exercise the entire body especially in the morning and sleep sufficiently. Exercise refreshes not only the body but also the mind. All these aspects together affect your attention span and play a vital role in your ability to learn new information.

Tip 2: Use memory improvement techniques such as Mnemonics

Several studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of the use or Mnemonics. The findings suggest that using mnemonics while studying helps the information to get registered faster and in a fun way. Some examples of mnemonics are acronyms, rhymes, acoustic, method of Loci etc. Each mnemonic can aid memorization of different study material hence the types have been derived.

Tip 3: Preparation for Languages

The best way to prepare for languages is by reading material in the different languages. This activity helps to understand passages of comprehension better and also helps students to write essays. For English it is preferable to refer to Wren & Martin. This book is a perfect guide for improving your grammar, essay writing skills as well as your comprehension skills because it has exercises and examples for each topic. If possible ensure that you have a copy of the ‘key’ to verify the answers to the exercises given in the same. A word of caution don’t look at the answers directly as you will be cheating yourself and you will not learn anything nor will you improve you command over the language which is essential in today’s day and age.

Tip 4: Refer and Solve previous years question papers

To get an idea about the paper and the type of questions asked you need to not only refer to previous years question papers but also solve them. This activity will help you to identify which topics or chapters are important and the distribution of marks for the important topics will also be highlighted nonetheless. Solving question papers with an examination setting will increase the speed of answering the questions.

How to crack Karnataka state eligibility test | KSET ExamTip 5: Practice

For subjects that require Arithmetic calculations like Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics and Chemistry the best way to prepare is to practice, practice and then practice some more. But before you solve question papers it is preferable to finish and master the problems given in the reference book and you can practice solving the problems in the question papers. Therefore, “practice as if you are the worst, but perform as if you are the best”.

Tip 6: Develop a Plan

It is important to allot time to different subjects so that you can study better. Topics that are difficult to comprehend require more time in comparison to topics that are easy to understand. You may have a list of things to do but in order to get all the work done in time, it requires planning. Creating a time-table ensures that all the tasks are done and results in more topics being covered in minimum amount of time.

Tip 7: Avoid Procrastination

It is absolutely necessary that you don’t put off tasks that need to be completed. If you are putting off tasks due to their difficulty level, you need to stop that as it is not going to help in any which ways. But they forget that although these topics seem difficult now; but once understood are easy, more fun and most likely easy to score in too.

By following these simple tips to crack the KSET you are likely to perform well thus cracking the KSET will be relatively easier. For more information about KSET visit our sister website www.way2k.com.

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