Pros and Cons of Having Uniforms

By | October 29, 2013
pros and cons of uniform at school
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Pros and Cons of Having Uniforms : School UniformThe debate on whether uniforms should be made compulsory has been around for years. Yet we find conflicting opinions surrounding the pros and cons of having uniforms. Nevertheless, differing perceptions are always welcomed.

So let’s see the various arguments made against uniforms and whether they should be made compulsory, by looking into the pros and cons of having uniforms.

Pros of Having Uniforms 

  • Uniforms create a sense of identity and belongingness amongst the pupils. When students see themselves they feel like they are all a part of the school in their individual way
  • Students learn to appreciate each other along with their individuality. Uniforms ensure that children accept each other as they are with their own individual talents
  • They are judged not by the clothes they wear but by their personality. Although this may seem unimportant, that is not the case because the judgments made about an individual determines whether the child will interact with the schoolmate or not. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”
  • It makes mixing around easier as the differences in the economic status are hidden away. This is vital to the all round development of all students alike
  • It gives room for developing friendships that are long lasting. Friendships made while we are still young have a way of creating a bond that will not be broken easily as we grow and mature
  • Uniforms promote equality and prevent fights or bullying incidents that are centered around the attire worn by students.  Uniforms prevent students who aren’t dressed fashionably or according to the latest trends, from getting picked on for their choice of clothes
  • When picnics or field trips are arranged by the school, keeping track of their students and to account for them becomes easier for teachers alike and the safety of their pupils are not compromised either
  • Along similar lines when inter school competitions are held, monitoring students is easier and parents can easily identify their child if they are lost in the crowd
  • Uniforms promote discipline and encourage appropriate behaviour on the part of the students as s/he has a sense of responsibility. Because they are a part of a school and realize that misbehaviour will not be tolerated at school or outside the premises whilst in uniform
  • Uniforms do away with unnecessary monitoring by school authorities on the attire worn by its students. Not having to keep tabs on attire that is inappropriate reserves more energy that can be diverted to the main cause of the school that is education


Cons of Having Uniforms   

  • Individuality is highlighted because students are more likely to perform well in clothes that they are comfortable in
  • Without uniforms mixing around with different types of individuals becomes a challenge. Due to economic differences students generally tend to stick to their own kind. Thus restricting them from having experiences that may teach them valuable lessons from different kinds of individuals
  • Casual wear if promoted can make students stand out in inter school competitions. And also create a divide amongst its students
  • If casual wear is promoted it means more focus is devoted to monitoring the attire of the students rather than the main focus being education in the first place
  • The safety of students is compromised when picnics and field trips are organised. Making the job of the on call teacher even more difficult than it already is. They have monitor the pupils round the clock, just to ensure that they are behaving properly and to ensure of their safety
  • Casual wear if promoted it may increase the violence on school premises as well as outside. Giving rise to more opportunities for bullying incidents to crop up when you least expect it
  • Casual attire prevents students from displaying a sense of responsibility that is derived while in uniform. They usually tend not to monitor their behaviour and often engage in inappropriate behaviour. Thus discipline is taken a back seat and only comes to the fore in the presence of a teacher
  • Without a uniform the feeling of togetherness takes a back seat if casual wear is promoted. The focus of students goes into irrelevant things instead of the main focus being studies
  • Casual wear acts as a distraction as students then focus on fashion and make unreasonable demands on their parents in an attempt to be up to date in the latest trends

Given the various arguments and the reasons that support them can help students as well as parents to see reason. Nevertheless, due to differing perspectives the debate on whether uniforms should be made compulsory will continue, as an argument can be made from both sides. But I leave the decision about whether uniforms should be made compulsory to you. I am only here to put forth my perspective about the same. The rest is up to you!

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