Tips to Crack SET Exam

By | December 7, 2013
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There are several kinds of entrance examinations that are conducted. Some of them are the JEE Mains, NATA, NEET, XAT, MAT, SNAP, CLAT, TET, NET etc. Based on the entrances mentioned one can easily identify them. For instance the JEE Mains, NATA, NEET, XAT, MAT, SNAP, CLAT are altogether entrances that are conducted for the sole purpose of selecting applicants for  admissions into various programs. Mainly Engineering, Architecture, Medical, Management and Law, while TET and NET are also entrances but for selecting candidates for teaching or professorship. One such examination is the State Eligibility Test (SET).

Tips to Crack SET Exam | How to prepare for SET ExamThe SETcomprises of 3 papers namely; Paper I, Paper II and Paper III. Paper I comprises of 60 questions but applicants need to attempt 50 and the marks allotted are 2 marks per question hence the total marks allotted to this section is 100. Paper II comprises of  50 questions and the marks allotted to syllabus this section is 100 in all and 2 marks are allotted for each question. While Paper III comprises of 75 questions and each question is allotted 2 marks , so the total marks for this section is 150. Exams can be stressful so here are some tips to crack SET exam, which can help speed up your preparation.

Paper I

This section will assess the candidate on teaching and the research aptitude along with their reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking and general awareness. For this reason aspirants should improve their language skills. They should read newspapers, journals and visit news sites. Apart from this they should also watch News channels and Discovery or National Geographic channels to improve their General knowledge.

Paper II and Paper III

Both these sections will assess the applicants knowledge on the chosen subject. Since this is subject specific the preparation methods will differ accordingly. For instance if the chosen subject is Psychology, you will be assessed on the entire syllabus of the subject alone. So one needs to have a thorough knowledge of the subject opted for.

Tips to Crack SET Exam | How to prepare for SET ExamSubject specific tips

  • Note Making and Note Taking

While attending classes you need to make a note of only the important points but focus more on listening to what is being taught. While studying making notes helps a great deal. When making notes you can either use stick – ons or prepare notes in the text itself. It is preferable to make notes or place stick ons beside the topic studied. After reading a paragraph make a note of all the points discussed.

  • Highlighting important points

Some students prefer to underline important points in pencil while others prefer to use highlighting markers for the points that seem important to them.

  • List out the Points

Apart from highlighting the points you can also list out the points that you feel or think are important on a separate piece of paper or in your study notes.

  • Prepare Drawings or Diagrams

If possible prepare drawings that highlight the main points discussed in the topic. Once you have listed out the points you can even form a hierarchy based on the important points. For topics that discuss a process of things it is preferable to create a diagram that shows the different processes, if there isn’t one. Nevertheless it is preferable to refer to the diagrams that are there in the text itself. This works best for subjects that have diagrams to be remembered such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography.

  • Tips to Crack SET Exam | How to prepare for SET ExamFlow Charts

Applicants can also use flow charts to highlight the various processes involved. Ensure that you learn these diagrams as a simple picture can give a fair explanation of the topic thus it helps in remembering the material better.

  • Prepare Charts

For subjects like Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics and Chemistry that have formulas or chemical compositions to remember preparing charts is the best way to remember such material. But if one wishes to remember formulas preparing a chart with the formulas that you need to remember will save time when you have to revise the formulas alone.

  • Repetition

Several psychological studies that were conducted highlighted the fact that repetition is the best and the only way to learn and memorise the matter that needs to be remembered well.  By revising the matter on a regular basis it ensures that the topic is learnt and remembered. Thus enabling students to recall the learnt matter when needed.

  • Tips to Crack SET Exam | How to prepare for SET ExamPractice

For subjects that require Arithmetic calculations like Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics and Chemistry the best way to prepare is to practice, practice  and then practice some more. But before you solve question papers it is preferable to finish and master the problems given in the reference book. You can also practice solving problems from question papers. Therefore, “Practice as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best” – Jaspher Kantuna.

By following these simple tips and tricks to crack the SET exam, you are bound to score well and pursue a career of your choice while remaining young through your interaction with students. En route you will definitely learn more about life and enhance your skills as an aspiring professor too. But if you are looking for more tips to improve your memory you can visit our website or if you are seeking for more information about the  entrance then you can visit our sister website

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