C.A. or C.S. – Which is better?

By | December 18, 2013
CA or CS - Which is better option? | CA Vs CS
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Although C.A. and C.S. can be pursued by students from either of the fields namely Arts, Commerce and Science. A dilemma between C.A. and C.S. exists amongst students, especially Commerce aspirants. This is because of the general notion that if you are a commerce student then you should take either one; apart from the others for better job prospects. Well that used to be the case earlier but with globalisation, there are now equal opportunities in any chosen field.

CA or CS - Which is better option? | CA Vs CSIf you are wondering Why C.A. or C.S. and are trying to come to a decision then read on. Like I mentioned earlier no matter which field the opportunities are ample; for individuals possessing the right qualifications and skills that are required for these professions.

Even though both the courses follow a similar assessment pattern with each having a foundation course, intermediate and a final exam; one is not to confuse the two as being similar. Simply because, these courses train individuals for 2 completely different specialisations. Thus the job opportunities that are available are fairly different.

While C.A. trains students in various Chartered Accounting related areas such as financial accounting, auditing, cost accounting, tax and accounting management and various aspects concerning the formation or foundation of a company. C.S. deals with all the aspects that a Company Secretary is involved in. When the idea of the formation of a company is conceived a C.S’. role comes to play. With his emergence he is placed in a unique position vis-a-vis the Board of Directors.

C. As. are employed in decision-making positions of the finance division. They are involved with planning and financial strategies, preparing prospectuses for share issues, managing pension funds and long-term investments, investigation of prospective investments, merger or takeover. While Company Secretaries, in both public and private companies, deal with aspects of management which relate to the company as a legal entity.

CA or CS - Which is better option? | CA Vs CSIf one wishes to become a C.A. one needs to obtain a license from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) or for that matter a license acquired from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) qualifies one to practice as a C.S.

So if you are looking for a short-cut to figure out whether C.A. is the way to go or would C.S. be a better option then you are mistaken. Because you first need to gather as much information as you can about both the courses, the job profile and the market opportunities of each. Once you have all this information you then need to check the field that you are interested in and if you possess the skills required for the profession. But if you wish to be sure of which career best suits you then enrolling for a career guidance session would be a wise decision. For more information about career guidance you can visit www.careeeerfutura.com.

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