Can Hobbies Improve Concentration?

By | December 19, 2013
Hobbies help you to improve concentration
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Hobbies help you to improve concentrationYou’ve probably heard people say that students who are athletic or hobby oriented usually do well in academics. Ever wondered why that’s the case? Based on all the information gathered I think it has something to do with a refreshed mind, a positive attitude, exercise and most importantly concentration. So one is bound to ask can hobbies improve concentration? Considering the points discussed so far, you are probably wondering, how these aspects are related to hobbies? Here’s how?

Refreshes the mind It is a perfect activity to engage in, if one takes a break form the tasks that need to be completed or studies during examinations. Taking time off from whatever it is you are doing and spending it in a hobby refreshes the mind at is provides an outlet for releasing pent up emotions.

Hobbies help you to improve concentrationCreates a positive mindset Since engaging in a hobby lets you clear your mind and emotions; it for the time being releaves you of any negative emotion or negativity you may feel or encounter. Thus, you come out feeling positive and so a positive person with a positive attitude.

Exercises the body and mind If your hobby is the right one, then it is the kind that gives you some physical exercise. For instance if you are a foot-baller than you are exercising both your mind and your body. Similarly, someone playing a musical instrument like the violin or a guitar exercises the creative part or musical part of the brain while exercising the body as well which is dependent upon the choice of instrument.

Hobbies help you to improve concentrationBuilds Concentration Irrespective of your hobby preferences, there is always room for building your concentration. Whether it is a sport that you enjoy or like playing a musical instrument, or simply knitting you are building your concentration. Take for example; basket-ball you are expected to shoot hoops whenever an opportunity presents itself. Similarly, if you play a guitar then you have to be attentive to minute changes in notes to identify the chord. If you are passionate about crochet than you need to give focused attention to the type of stitch you are creating while a minor change in the way the stitch is done can increase your work twice fold. If you are a painter this too requires a lot of concentration as a simple stroke mistake can ruin what you are attempting to create with the colours and the strokes.

So can hobbies improve concentration? In my opinion yes, for reasons I have elaborated within this article. If you are looking for more information about hobbies or extracurricular activities or tips to balance the two or are faced with time management problems or if you have developed a procrastinating habit and are looking of ways to stop procrastination then you can visit our website for tips and even check out articles covering a wide range of topics which you might find very useful on

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