How can parents facilitate the healthy growth of their children

By | June 4, 2014
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Children are what their parents make them. Right parenting is utmost necessary for bright future of students. When I see a problem behaviour in children, I am rest assured; I will find its roots in the parents. Parenting is not only about creating a successful child but to develop your child into a positive, peaceful and stable soul that could make a happy and healthy life.

Here are some quick Do’s and Don’ts on Parenting:

1)      Do not label your child. E.g. – you are an idiot, you will not be able to do it, and it’s not your cup of tea. It demolishes potential of the child. When told over and over again, the child starts to believe it so and growth of child stops.

2)      Healthy home environment is a must. Do not pressurize them all time.

3)      Competition of each child is with self. Never compare them with others.  A child always should try and beat his own last records.

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4)      Believe in your child. Trust their convictions.

5)      Positive reinforcement is a must for their growth and healthy development.

6)      Set realistic goals that they can accomplish. Failures from unrealistic goals will only de-motivate them.

7)      One of the basic principles of child Psychology is to boost your child’s self esteem. Low self esteem affects performance and efficiency.

8)      If parents are themselves carried away by distractions, they are not in a position to lecture their children for the same. You will have to control yourself first. Sacrifice is the biggest key to successful parenting. You can only preach what you yourself practice.

9)      Give your child the autonomy to decide for themselves. They know what they want. What parents need is to trust them.

10)   It is very important for parents to aid children in developing a positive self image for themselves.

11)   Say positive, not negative terms to motivate them even if circumstances are not favorable. Example: preparation for exams is insufficient, you will never be able make it, you company is bad, I don’t like taste, etc.

12)   The best teacher in life is experience. Let children learn from their own experiences. Brain development depends on stimulation. Let them gather experiences. Allow them to play, handle stuff, manipulate objects, etc.

13)   Children develop attitudes/ habits by imitating elders. Be cautious of your behavior in front of them. They pick up behaviors’/words from you. Right values have to be imbibed by you.

14)   Respect for each other is what children should see between his parents. Children learn what they see in their parents. If they see parents humiliating each other, they will get this as a way of life.

15)   Sit with your child. Spend some quality time together. Interact with each other. Share each other’s experiences.

16)   When your child does something against your liking, be very clear when you scold them. Let them know that it is that problem behavior and not your child that you don’t like. Very young children start feeling that that they are not loved and wanted by their own parents and hence, they start to shrink within.

Above all. Love them. Locate their potential and find the light in them.

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