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By | September 17, 2020
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Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary technology that modifies products or processes for specific use by using knowledge, method and expertise from chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, chemical engineering and computer science. The fusion of technology with knowledge creates what the world once assumed as miracles and biotechnology can be considered as a perfect example where the knowledge of biology when blended with technology is making the world a better place by enhancing the quality of life and alleviating the human sufferings.


Biotechnology has touched almost every aspect of human life and has carved its niche too. Biotechnology dealing with medical and health care is termed as Red biotechnology. It is Green biotechnology, when it concerns about agricultural processes and White biotechnology when comes to industrial processes.

Key to Success

To be successful in Biotechnology you should have/ develop:

  • Good intelligence
  • Ability to concentrate for long hours
  • Capacity for original thoughts
  • Perseverance
  • Going to the bottom of the problem
  • Constantly acquiring knowledge

Scope and Opportunities

Recent advances in biotechnology are helping us prepare for and meet society’s most pressing challenges.

  • Biotech is playing the major role to heal the world by harnessing nature’s own toolbox and using our own genetic makeup to heal and guide lines of research by: Reducing rates of infectious disease; saving millions of children’s lives.
  • Biotech uses biological processes such as fermentation and harnesses biocatalysts such as enzymes, yeast, and other microbes to become microscopic manufacturing plants. Biotech is reducing the use of and reliance on petrochemicals; using biofuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions; decreasing water usage and waste generation.
  • Biotech enhances the crop insect resistance, crop herbicide tolerance and facilitates the use of more environment friendly farming practices. Biotech is helping to feed the world by: Generating higher crop yields with fewer inputs; Developing crops with enhanced nutrition profiles that solve vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.

Lifestyle & Social Status

  • It’s mostly an indoor activity
  • Working in labs

Job Profile

Entry-level biotechnologists can work as research technicians. They set the laboratory which is used to conduct and monitor experiments and they also assemble the tools such as centrifuges, flasks and spectrophotometers. They also record data and may prepare reports for a leading research scientist.

Senior biotechnologists develop the research procedure and do the detailed analysis of the data using scientific methodology, a scientist using recombinant DNA technology must choose the best method to insert foreign DNA into an organism, which can trigger development of new proteins or create an organism with more desirable characteristics.

Skill Sets

  •  Critical Thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Mathematical skills
  • Computer knowledge

Work Value

  • Challenging
  • Autonomy
  • No monotony in work
  • Innovation

Current Job Scenario

Career opportunities for biotechnology students are abound. Those specializing in different sub-disciplines of this field can easily find jobs in both private and government sector undertakings. If you have acquired a post-graduate degree in biotechnology then you can easily find a suitable position in number of industries.

Major recruiters include industries engaged in processing and developing agricultural and biological products, bio-processing industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. There are ample opportunities in industries producing healthcare products, textile industry, cosmetics and organizations engaged in different types of industrial research and development.

Top Recruiters

  • Biocon
  • Serum Institute of India
  • Nicholas Piramal
  • Wockhadrt Limited
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Zydus Cadila
  • Hindustan liver ltd
  • Thapar group
  • Indo American hydro seed
  • IDPL
  • India vaccines corporation
  • Hindustan antibiotics
  • NCL
  • Tata engineering research institute

Course Synopsis


Course Options Bachelor in Biotechnology B. Tech (Biotech)
Academic Eligibility 10+2 with PCM 10+2 pass and minimum 60% in 10+2 (PCM).
Fees Rs. 1.50 Lakhs to Rs.3.50 Lakhs Rs. 4.00  Lakhs to Rs. 6.00 Lakhs
Overall expenditure in Metro and Tier-1 Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
Overall expenditure in Tier-2 Rs. 70K – Rs. 1.1 Lakhs Rs. 70K – Rs. 1.1 Lakhs
Duration 3 Years 4 Years
Mode Regular Regular
Specialization Animal biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, seri biotechnology, aquaculture and marine biotechnology, medical biotechnology, microbial biotechnology and food biotechnology  
Approved UGC UGC
Affiliation Respective University Respective University
Entrance Exam    
Education Loan    

Career Prospect

  1. Lab research technician
  2. Biological professor
  3. Biological research & analyst
  4. Biological scientist
  5. Biologist
  6. Medicine research
  7. Product development scientist
  8. Agricultural consultant
  9. Process development scientist
  10. Research & development

Entrance Exam

  • For B.Tech in Biomedical – JEE, JEE Advanced and State Level Entrance Exams
  • For B.Sc in Biomedical – Admission process takes place on merit basis 

Success Stories

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