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By | September 17, 2020
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Botany scientifically studies plants along with their evolution, ageing, decaying and death. The structure of the plant, how it grows and its mechanisms are studied by a botanist. In simple words he is the doctor of plants.


Key to Success

To be successful in Botanist you should have/ develop:

  • Basic research
  • Knowledge of living organisms
  • Increase crop yields
  • Planning programs for food and drug testing
  • Managing a botanical garden

Scope and Opportunities

Biological Technician is an option after completing graduation in Botany while if you complete a post graduate degree can opt for a career in teaching or involve in research work in University. Organizations employ botanists as environment consultants, plant explorers, ecologists, conservationists, park ranger or forester, nursery manager, taxonomist, horticulturist, genetics, plant biochemist, molecular biologist, plant pathologist, environmental consultant, and farming consultant. One can get opportunities abroad based on experience.

Lifestyle & Social Status

  • Completely outdoor
  • Love for nature
  • Might have to travel to remote places
  • Play with Soil

Job Profile

  • A botanist studies the behavior of chromosomes in plants and also examines the mechanics and biochemistry of plants and plant cells.
  • A botanist does survey and research about the weather conditions and soil conditions for the crops growing in a particular area.
  • He does the classification of plants based on certain criteria.
  • He can be appointed as Plant Ecologist or Plant Taxonomist.

Skill Sets

  • Decision Making Ability
  • Public relations Skills
  • Organizing ability
  • Scientific Temperament
  • Inclination for Research
  • Excellent skill of observation

Work Value

  • Interest in agriculture and geography
  • Independent Management
  • Well known Personalities- R.P. Roy, M.S. Swaminathan

Current Job Scenario

Botanist enjoys good remuneration in the field of Botany. Teachers, researchers are paid starting salary between Rs 18000 to Rs 20000 PM and increases with the growing experience.

Top Recruiters

  • Forest research institutes
  • Green Houses
  • Government of India
  • Colleges
  • Botanical gardens

Career Prospect

  1. Professor
  2. Assistant professor
  3. Research associate
  4. Project assistant
  5. Scientist
  6. Plant scientist

Entrance Exam

  • Not Available

Success Stories

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