Career, Scope and Opportunities in Public Relation

By | October 15, 2020
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Public Relation

In general Public Relation means keeping rapport, relationship and understanding intact for years among clients, customers and enterprises. Public Relation can be a good career approach for those having excellent communication skills and wish to do a career that offers an opportunity to interact with interesting people.

public relation

Key to Success

To be successful in Public Relation you should have/ develop:

  • Ability with words
  • Analytical skill
  • Creative ability
  • An instinct for persuasion
  • The ability to make compelling and polished presentations
  • Common sense
  • First-class organizing ability
  • Good judgment
  • Objectivity
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility

Scope and Opportunities

The growth for PR professionals can be stated as phenomenal. As there are number of TV channels, News channels and IT companies and BPOs, KPOs, the need for PR professionals in the market is on high pace.

Also in other industries such as Hotel management, Shipping and logistics, PR professionals are in demand. One can get hired as lobby managers, sales managers and receptionists with welcome arms.

Scope for working with PSUs and government organizations such as PROs is a good opportunity. You can also work for high profile clients who want to maintain a good public profile. Thus, the market for PR professionals is desirable.

As a Public Relation, various job profiles are available in the following areas:

  • Counselor
  • Media Relationship Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Public Researcher
  • Community relations Managers

Lifestyle & Social Status

Lifestyle of a PR person is most of the time is very fast, nothing is fixed, PR’s have to work for 24X7 for maximum time. As is public relations they have to maintain a very confident and stylish life style. It is multitasking work which includes activities at- Information gathering, strong observation, publishing, public communication, event organization, leading daily activities, research and so on.

Job Profile

Counseling: Guide or counsel Management concerning policies, relationships and communications.

Research: Examining attitudes and behaviors of the public to plan public strategies.

Media Relations: Working with mass media in gaining publicity or responding to their interests in the organization.

Publicity: Defuse planned messages through selected media in order to promote the organization’s interests.

Employee/Member Relations: Answer to concerns, informing, and deed an organization’s employees or members.

Community Relations: Decide activity with a community to maintain an environment that benefits both the organization and the community.

Public Affairs: Creating effective involvement in public policy and helping an organization adjust to public expectations. Government agencies use Public Affairs to describe their public relation activities.

Government Affairs: Relating directly with legislatures and regulatory agencies on behalf of the organization. Lobbying can be a part of the government affairs program.

Issues Management: Examining and addressing issues of public concern that affect the organization.

Financial Relations: Creating and maintaining investor confidence and building good relationships with the financial community. Also known as Investor Relations or Shareholder Relations.

Industry Relations: Establishing with other firms in the industry of an organization and with trade associations.

Development/Fund-Raising: Determining the need for development and reassuring the public to support an organization, primarily through financial contributions.

Special Events: Invigorate an interest in a person, product or organization by means of a focused “happening”; also, activities designed to interact with public and listen to them.

Marketing Communications: Skills of activities designed to sell a product, service, or ideas, including advertising, collateral materials, publicity, promotion direct mail, trade shows and special events.

Skill set

  1. Introduction to Public Communication
  2. History of Print Media in India
  3. Electronic Media and Photography
  4. Advertising Research
  5. International communication and Human Rights
  6. Role of Information Technology in Public Relations
  7. Study of human needs and psychology

Work Value

  • Take responsibility
  • Hard work
  • Commitment
  • Independence
  • Social Status-Publicity
  • Achievement

Current Job Scenario

The demand for PR with good communication skills is high in all industries. Good public speaking skills is an added advantage for getting job. As the completion is high, the market value for PR is more.

Top Recruiters

All private government organisations require at least one public relations officer.

Course Synopsis

Course Options Masters in Mass Communication/ Journalism/PR
Academic Eligibility Graduate in relevant field
Fees Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 80,000 per year depending on the college you choose
Overall expenditure in Metro Rs. 1.5LK -2 LK
Overall expenditure in Tier-1 Rs. 1 LK – Rs. 1.25 LK
Overall expenditure in Tier-2 Rs. 50K – Rs. 80K
Duration 2 Year
Mode Regular
Approved UGC
Affiliation Respective University
Entrance Exam Institute level Entrance Exam + Interview
Education Loan  

Career prospect

  1. Disc jockey editor
  2. Brand manager
  3. Broadcast technician
  4. Copywriter
  5. Fashion editor
  6. Film critic
  7. Foreign correspondent
  8. Freelance writer
  9. Lexicographer
  10. Magazine editor
  11. Media analyst
  12. Public relation specialist

 Entrance Exam

  • Entrance Exam For Mass Communication (Some of them are for Post Graduate Degree)
  1. Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)
  2. Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi
  3. GGSIPU CET Exam
  4. Delhi University (BMMMC)
  5. MGM College, Aurangabad
  6. FTII, Pune

Success stories

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