How to choose a College?

By | September 17, 2013
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Now that the results are out it’s time to choose a course and a college. Isn’t this the most puzzling question for both parties’ students and parents as well?  Since, neither can decide whether the college is good or if the course is authentic. In addition the uncertainty displayed by children when questioned about their interest, makes career decisions that much more challenging. This is the pattern that is present more so with students today due to the variety of options available in all most all streams. Even if a course is decided the question of which college arises nonetheless.


If you have identified with these statements then you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for engineering, commerce, arts and humanities or medical colleges, all you need to keep in mind are a few points. These points will definitely clear all the doubts that you may have about the college or the courses offered at a particular institute.

Step 1 Check the Accreditation of the Institute:

Most people do not pay a lot of attention to this aspect and find themselves stuck is a soup where they can neither switch the college if they find out that it is not an accredited. By the time they figure this out it is generally too late as most institutes have closed admissions.

Step 2 Check the College facilities and the environment:

When looking for information about a college or the facilities that they have, most students use the internet. Although it is a good source it is not the only source and not the best.

Step 3 Check the Hostel facilities and the environment:

This is important especially for those parents who wish to send their children out of town for further studies. While this is a good decision many parents forget to check the hostel facilities even though it is like a second home for their children for the next 3 to 4 years.

Step 4 Check the Teaching Staff:

Find out how the teaching staff is and the medium of instructions used before enrolling for the courses. There have been several cases where medium of instructions was supposed to be in English but majorly in another language. This may hinder the performance of children if they aren’t able to understand the language effectively.

Step 5 Check the pass percentage of 3 years:

If you check the pass percentage of the institute for the past 3 years it will give you an idea as to how good the college is.

Step 6 Recheck what resources are used to gather information:

Although the internet is a good source to gather information about colleges it is not the best. While the internet does give you most of the information that you are looking for it will not be able to tell you exactly how good the college is or whether the institute exist at all. Visiting the college in person is the best and the most effective source. Even though it sounds cumbersome it has its advantages nonetheless. By visit the institute personally you will get a fair idea about the college, its staff, its facilities such as hostel, laboratory, library so on and so forth.

 Step 6 Use the right resources to gather information:

Due to the advancing technology, gathering information has never been easier. Therefore we tend to think that the information we have is enough. This forms the basis of our decisions even though the information isn’t enough. As a consequence we have forgotten to realize the importance of meeting with people to gather information to make informed decisions. Thus we find ourselves making the same mistakes that other people have made as we haven’t stopped to learn from the mistakes made by them. So our children become victims of the mistakes we sometimes make as parents. In today’s day and age using the right resources to gather information has never been as important.

  • Students as a source:

All this information can be gathered by speaking to students studying the same course that your child wishes to pursue from the institute. From these students you can find out more about the faculty, the environment of the institute and about the facilities such as laboratory and library and the medium of instructions used. These students will also have friends who have passed out and are working after completing the course so they may have an idea as to the job opportunities and job profiles available. This information will help you to verify if the course will be beneficial for your child. From students who are pursuing the same course and using the hostel facility you will be able to gather information about the hostel facilities and its environment.

  • Office Staff as a source:

Apart from speaking to students you can also speak to the office staff and enquire about the college, its teaching staff, and its facilities such as hostel, laboratory, library so on and so forth. Therefore gather as much information as you can about the aspects discussed, before enrolling children for courses. Ensure that your children also look for these aspects so they too can learn. This will clear most of the doubts that both children and parents have about the college, therefore making decisions about colleges will reduce the challenging aspects. It is said, “The biggest mistake that one can make, is not having enough information”. “So put in that extra effort, though it may take a while, be assured that the decision made is right”.

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