Importance of Career Guidance

By | October 1, 2013
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Most students find it difficult to make career decisions once they enter into the 10th or 12th grade. Making career decisions are so difficult for students because they aren’t aware of where their interest’s lie and what their abilities are, nor are they sure of what they want to become in life which is not their fault either. These individuals are too young to make important decisions such as choosing a right career path because they do not posses the necessary skills required to make such an important decision. The reason being that most children today usually vile away their time engaging in unproductive activities that serve as distractions for instance the Internet, Smart phones and the Television, instead of focusing on matters that are of importance. As a consequence most students haven’t tried different things, therefore choosing a career path nowadays is so stressful for both students as well as parents.

Importance of Career Guidance and Advice

Although students do have some idea about the options  available in the market,  they may not posses complete knowledge about the wide array of options available to them due to the constant change in the job market. This constant change in the job market is a result of development giving rise to newer professions. In addition to this the sources that pupils use to help them make these decisions are usually their parents, who aren’t always aware of the various options available in the market. So they tend to choose a stream that their friends take up, without the knowledge of the course that will suite them best. This method is usually not a good approach; hence career guidance becomes essential.

To simplify career decisions, we at Careerfutura have developed a comprehensive package comprising of  a battery of tests along with career guidance experts that can provide complete career guidance to students to achieve a successful career. We guide them at every step of the way; right from the 10th grade right up to their graduation. With the help of a battery of psychometric tests namely Aptitude, Personality, Interest and Study Habits we outline the career path that is best suited for these individuals bearing in mind their uniqueness and individuality in achieving success on an individual bases.

These tests help students to realize what their potentials are and where their weaknesses lie. Apart from this it also identifies whether the individual posses the personality type for their aspirations. The test’s assess the methods implemented for studying, its effectiveness and helps the expert to highlight the improvements that can be made for efficient learning. In addition, we also give guidelines on how to improve the abilities that students lack which may pose a threat in achieving success.

Apart from these aspects we even provide career guidance where they are given the opportunity to discuss queries related to careers, courses, opportunities in the job market with the career guidance experts as well. Thus helping them to attain success and reduce the chances of a career change in the later stages of their life. For all these reasons, seeking the assistance of a career guidance expert at the right time in the child’s life is of uttermost importance for parents wishing for a bright future for their children. Therefore it is said, “The biggest mistake that one can make, is not having enough information. So put in that extra effort, though it may take a while, be assured that the decision made is right !”

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