Should You Take Up PCMB After Class Xth? Take Our 5 Question Quiz to Decide

By | May 22, 2020
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“Take up PCMB. You’ll have the options of both Medical and Engineering.”pt for either Maths or Biology. Or you’ll not do well in either.”

Your family and friends mean well, but what to do after 10th when you get such contradictory advice? Choosing your stream after class Xth is challenging. But if you want to take Science, deciding between Engineering and Medical is the recipe for insomnia.

Well, it needn’t be that hard – we at CareerFutura have prepared a quiz to help you make this life-changing decision!


Career Planning: What to Choose After Class Xth

1. Are you passionate about pursuing either Engineering/Medical?

Well, are you? Many students are unsure about their “dream” when they enter class XIth. If you’re among the lucky few who know they want to become a neurosurgeon or build bridges, congratulations. However, if PCMB seems compelling mainly because it opens many career options, wait. Avoid deciding in this state; instead, seek professional career counselling.

At CareerFutura, we offer personalised career guidance through world-class trainers. This helps you assess your strengths and arrive at a considered decision. When you take the online aptitude test at, you get a brilliant understanding of the stream that your abilities (including cognitive, reasoning and spatial ability) are best suited for. For all you know, your true calibre may lie in Commerce or Humanities!

2. Why do you want to study both Maths and Biology?

Good reasons:

• You’re interested in a career that marries both subjects – for example, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Robotics or Artificial Intelligence.

• You’re passionate about science as a whole. Understanding the concepts of both Maths and Biology gives you a terrific understanding of the scientific world.

Bad reasons:

• You want to attempt both examinations in case one doesn’t work out – Please reconsider. Both medical and engineering entrances are challenging, and preparing for both often means you don’t excel at either.

• Everyone seems to be doing it – Choosing PCMB because your friends/parents tell you “that’s what everyone is doing” is a terrible idea. If a decision doesn’t emanate from within, you’ll be unable to sustain it.

3. How have you previously performed in Maths/Biology?

Fortunes can change overnight, but your aptitude is unlikely to. Assess your previous academic records. If your performance has been average/inconsistent, reconsider choosing PCMB. Even if you’ve done well in both subjects, the pressure and difficulty will be much higher now. A reliable way to judge your aptitude and decide confidently is to take a specially-designed stream assessment test. offers a comprehensive aptitude test that measures your abilities and provides a thorough insight into the stream you should choose.

4. Are you prepared to work twice as hard?

Studying for PCMB is one of the most laborious phases of a student’s life. You’ll need to grasp and practise complex mathematical concepts. Alongside, you’ll have to retain intrinsic details about the living world. Both subjects require long study-hours for both Boards and entrance tests. Result? (Almost) zilch recreation-time. Make this choice only if you’re willing to put in a monumental effort for a whole year.

5. Will you be okay with scoring lower in your Boards?

Yes, PCMB students do tend to score lower in the Boards compared to those who choose a “scoring” subject like Computers/Physical Education. The reason is simple: preparing for two gruelling entrances means you’ll be able to focus less on the Boards. Remember – if you’re aiming at a Science-based course like B.Sc., many top colleges select on merit. The cut-offs can go north of 98%.

Choosing your stream after Xth is a life-changing decision. It will either set you on the path toward success or leave you with permanent regret. Exercise great caution. Our dedicated team of career counsellors at CareerFutura is here to help you make this difficult decision.

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