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Brain exercises to improve creativity and problem solving

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Exercising the Brain Improves PerformanceIf you thought that the brain doesn’t need a work out to improve its performance than you are mistaken because just like the body needs exercise to function efficiently so also your brain requires a workout to function at an optimum level. If one wishes to enhance their creatively and problem solving skills than exercising the brain is a must.

Scientists have found that the human brain has an astonishing ability to adapt and change well into old age as well. This ability is known as “neuroplasticity”. With the right stimulation, your brain can form new neural pathways, alter existing connections, adapt and react in ever-changing ways (helpguide). No wonder, they say that humans use only a couple of thousands of neurons within their brain in their entire lifetime. Therefore, exercising the brain helps people to make use of up to billions or even trillions of such neurons. And this is exactly why exercising the brain is so important.

Exercising the Brain Improves PerformanceDepending upon the type of activities that you engage in, your creativity and problem solving skills improve. New neural pathways need to develop especially when one needs to enhance their creativity and problem solving skills. Creativity is something that one possess and can be improved given the right stimulus. Similarly, problem solving skills require creativity to come up with newer alternatives to resolve a problem that arises. Therefore creativity and problem solving skills can be termed as two sides of the same coin. When you do a routine task in a different manner, you will find it difficult to adjust to it simply because the brain is creating new neural pathways as it is attempting to adapt to the new way of doing a task. You will be able to understand this better if you try a few games that are mentioned below. Here are some brain exercising games:

  • If you write with your right hand then you should try writing with your left hand
  • If you have a watch on your left hand shift it to the right hand
  • Exercising the Brain Improves PerformanceTry brushing your mouth using your other hand
  • If you usually stay at home, try camping out for the weekend and enjoy the different stimuli that surrounds you
  • Next time you’re sitting on a train or in a cafe try to listen and follow 2 different conversations at the same time
  • If you are travelling a long distance try to count the number of signals you pass right from the time you leave up to the time you reach
  • Similarly you can try remembering the number of turns you take on your way to college for instance. For some challenge try to remember the exact amount of right and left turns you take.

Well give these a try, you will be surprised as to how much time your brain takes to perform these tasks at first and how fast it adapts. Go on and give it a try. I assure you that you will love it.Exercising the Brain Improves Performance

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Can Hobbies Improve Concentration?

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Hobbies help you to improve concentrationYou’ve probably heard people say that students who are athletic or hobby oriented usually do well in academics. Ever wondered why that’s the case? Based on all the information gathered I think it has something to do with a refreshed mind, a positive attitude, exercise and most importantly concentration. So one is bound to ask can hobbies improve concentration? Considering the points discussed so far, you are probably wondering, how these aspects are related to hobbies? Here’s how?

Refreshes the mind It is a perfect activity to engage in, if one takes a break form the tasks that need to be completed or studies during examinations. Taking time off from whatever it is you are doing and spending it in a hobby refreshes the mind at is provides an outlet for releasing pent up emotions.

Hobbies help you to improve concentrationCreates a positive mindset Since engaging in a hobby lets you clear your mind and emotions; it for the time being releaves you of any negative emotion or negativity you may feel or encounter. Thus, you come out feeling positive and so a positive person with a positive attitude.

Exercises the body and mind If your hobby is the right one, then it is the kind that gives you some physical exercise. For instance if you are a foot-baller than you are exercising both your mind and your body. Similarly, someone playing a musical instrument like the violin or a guitar exercises the creative part or musical part of the brain while exercising the body as well which is dependent upon the choice of instrument.

Hobbies help you to improve concentrationBuilds Concentration Irrespective of your hobby preferences, there is always room for building your concentration. Whether it is a sport that you enjoy or like playing a musical instrument, or simply knitting you are building your concentration. Take for example; basket-ball you are expected to shoot hoops whenever an opportunity presents itself. Similarly, if you play a guitar then you have to be attentive to minute changes in notes to identify the chord. If you are passionate about crochet than you need to give focused attention to the type of stitch you are creating while a minor change in the way the stitch is done can increase your work twice fold. If you are a painter this too requires a lot of concentration as a simple stroke mistake can ruin what you are attempting to create with the colours and the strokes.

So can hobbies improve concentration? In my opinion yes, for reasons I have elaborated within this article. If you are looking for more information about hobbies or extracurricular activities or tips to balance the two or are faced with time management problems or if you have developed a procrastinating habit and are looking of ways to stop procrastination then you can visit our website for tips and even check out articles covering a wide range of topics which you might find very useful on

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C.A. or C.S. – Which is better?

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Although C.A. and C.S. can be pursued by students from either of the fields namely Arts, Commerce and Science. A dilemma between C.A. and C.S. exists amongst students, especially Commerce aspirants. This is because of the general notion that if you are a commerce student then you should take either one; apart from the others for better job prospects. Well that used to be the case earlier but with globalisation, there are now equal opportunities in any chosen field.

CA or CS - Which is better option? | CA Vs CSIf you are wondering Why C.A. or C.S. and are trying to come to a decision then read on. Like I mentioned earlier no matter which field the opportunities are ample; for individuals possessing the right qualifications and skills that are required for these professions.

Even though both the courses follow a similar assessment pattern with each having a foundation course, intermediate and a final exam; one is not to confuse the two as being similar. Simply because, these courses train individuals for 2 completely different specialisations. Thus the job opportunities that are available are fairly different.

While C.A. trains students in various Chartered Accounting related areas such as financial accounting, auditing, cost accounting, tax and accounting management and various aspects concerning the formation or foundation of a company. C.S. deals with all the aspects that a Company Secretary is involved in. When the idea of the formation of a company is conceived a C.S’. role comes to play. With his emergence he is placed in a unique position vis-a-vis the Board of Directors.

C. As. are employed in decision-making positions of the finance division. They are involved with planning and financial strategies, preparing prospectuses for share issues, managing pension funds and long-term investments, investigation of prospective investments, merger or takeover. While Company Secretaries, in both public and private companies, deal with aspects of management which relate to the company as a legal entity.

CA or CS - Which is better option? | CA Vs CSIf one wishes to become a C.A. one needs to obtain a license from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) or for that matter a license acquired from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) qualifies one to practice as a C.S.

So if you are looking for a short-cut to figure out whether C.A. is the way to go or would C.S. be a better option then you are mistaken. Because you first need to gather as much information as you can about both the courses, the job profile and the market opportunities of each. Once you have all this information you then need to check the field that you are interested in and if you possess the skills required for the profession. But if you wish to be sure of which career best suits you then enrolling for a career guidance session would be a wise decision. For more information about career guidance you can visit

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Interesting Facts about Examinations – What Students fail to realise?

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We’ve heard it before and we hear it again, Why do some students perform remarkably well while others don’t? Or why am I scoring poorly in examinations in comparison to my classmate/s. Well you are probably unaware of the factors that aren’t in your control. Surprisingly, you are not the only one to think along similar lines. Most students or rather many of your classmates aren’t aware of these aspects either.

Why do students fail in exams?| Interesting Facts about ExaminationsMost students are of the assumption that the reasons for their grades reducing is their own fault. While that may partially be the case it is not the only reason. Several other factors come in to play, if a student scores poorly in an examination. What students don’t realise is the other factors that have a part to play and that affects the scores as well.

Be it a class test, a final exam or simply a board exam, all of them have these facts in common. So if you’re wondering what are these interesting facts about examinations that students fail to realise? Then read on to find out exactly what factors are out of your control and that also play an important role in the received scores. The scores obtained are a product of 2 types of factors Controlled and Uncontrolled factors playing a dominant role.

Why do students fail in exams?| Interesting Facts about ExaminationsUncontrolled Factors

  • Environmental effects

Based on the weather conditions and the circumstances before, after and during paper checking. All of these aspects have a bearing on your performance.

  • Personality of the paper checker

Since the environmental factors affect ones personality, accordingly the scores are affected. As if the professor is not familiar with the subject matter that they are expected to correct, chances are that it will reflect in your marks.

  • Why do students fail in exams?| Interesting Facts about ExaminationsAmount of papers corrected

Most examiners are given stacks of answer papers to correct, with such an amount to complete within a specified time frame it causes stress and frustration builds up in order to meet their targets.

  • Kind of papers corrected

Referring to the amount of papers that each professor has to correct; aspects such as the quality of the answers given, the points covered, the way it is written, the handwriting of the applicant and the kinds of answers given by students, before they arrive at your particular paper affects the correction nonetheless.

  • Why do students fail in exams?| Interesting Facts about ExaminationsKnowledge of the examiner

If you thought that the person correcting your paper has the knowledge of the subject checked by them, think again! Because sometimes the ones who correct your papers aren’t very well versed with the subject or fluent in the language given to correct. So it is bound to affect your scores. Besides you aren’t the one correcting the paper nor do you have control over the marks acquired either.

Controlled Factors

  • Why do students fail in exams?| Interesting Facts about ExaminationsTime given for preparation

If you use the time given for your preparation wisely and to its optimum level and if you have started studying right from the start of term, there is no reason why you shouldn’t score well.

  • The method used to study the matter

If you have used memorising techniques such as mnemonics, have worked hard throughout the year combined with a balanced diet, sufficient rest and regular exercise you can definitely score well.

  • The way you answer the paper

If you have spoken to your professor for pointers on how to answer the examination and have followed their advice stringently you can score well. Few tips label your diagrams correctly, make a note of the points to cover in you answer paper, include all the points as far as possible, write your answers according to the question numbers with points and be neat at all times.

  • Why do students fail in exams?| Interesting Facts about ExaminationsThe examinee’s handwriting

If you have made an attempt and have succeeded in improving your handwriting or have a good handwriting that is easy to understand and is clear which reduces the examiners work you are bound to receive good grades provided you cover all the points that are required.

To summerise, you do not have control over the marks that you get nor are you the one who is correcting your paper, other aspects such as the kind of person checking the paper, the mood of the professor after correcting the previous papers and the answers given by these students before he/ she comes to your paper etc. can affect your marks. The factors that are in your control are the time given to you for preparation, the way you learn, understand, recall and reproduce the matter studied, the way you answer the paper and pay attention to your handwriting. Nevertheless as long as you have done your best; given the circumstances and you put your trust in God, everything is going to be just fine. For more tips you can visit the section on study and exam tips on our website

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Parenting Tips – How to show your child that you support them?

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Most students are unusually anxious due to the anticipation of the examinations. It is around this time that children tend to seek some assurance, motivation and support from their friends; more so from the immediate family. They do this to feel secure and to gain some hope if they lack it. With the exams round the corner parents need to be even more careful when interacting with their kids. In view of the sensitivity that children display around the examination time, if adequate support is provided it can do wonders to the child’s performance hence, an article on parenting tips – How to show your child that you support them? So here are some tips that can make all the difference to your child’s performance.

  • Parenting Tips - How to show your child that you support them?Parents can show that they are supportive by creating a study plan with the kids
  • They can let them know that no matter what the outcome of the exam is, they will be there for them if needed.
  • If your child has planned to pull an all nighter for studies, parents can bring in some biscuits or brew a cup of Hot Coffee or Chocolate (preferable) for the child. This communicates a supportive nature.
  • Engaging in relaxing conversations over meals helps in building the confidence of the child and refreshes them simultaneously.
  • Ensuring that the environment at home is conducive to study, too gives them a sense of support
  • By easing the number of chores that need to be done, it too creates a supportive atmosphere
  • When a topic seems to be difficult to comprehend; your child may falter, thus, encouraging them and helping them to understand the topic, if possible, is very supporting indeed.
  • Parents should avoid scheduling outings or family gatherings; around and during the examination time.
  • Parenting Tips - How to show your child that you support them?When conversing with children; speaking in a reassuring or encouraging way also indicates that you support them nonetheless.
  • Engaging in positive talk as often as possible; helps build their confidence and assures them of your presence and guidance at all times.

These are but some alternatives that can help you to show your child that you support them and that they can always come to you if they ever need help. If you are looking for more information about tips to reduce stress, identifying your child’s learning style, signs that parents should look for to identify an overloaded child or simply tips to bridge the communication or generation gap etc. you can visit our website

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Solving Mock Question Papers – Is It Useful?

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Its that time of the year when most students experience butterflies in their stomach and are more anxious than usual especially with the exams fast approaching. They are busy preparing for the examinations, some are completely focused on revision; having completed the portion in time. While the more ambitious ones resort to solving mock question papers for reasons which we will be discussing shortly.

Benefits and Importance of Solving Mock Questions PapersAverage students who are relatively prepared for the examination usually refrain from testing themselves for fear of not being able to perform well. This thought makes them anxious and worried therefore they equate their preparation as complete after covering the entire portion and generally stop at that. On the contrary the behaviour of ambitious students causes one to ask the question solving mock questions papers – is it useful? So here are some of the reasons why ambitious students prefer to solve mock question papers, in a attempt to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared for the examination.

Creates an examination setting If students solve previous years question papers, it helps in developing a sense of examination time. Thus preparing them for the exam environment well in advance. Other than that it also helps them realise possible problems which are sure to arise. Hence, they are prepared for surprises that they may encounter following the examination.

Get familiar with the exam pattern Apart from creating an examination environment it also familiarises students with the pattern that the examination follows. In addition to this it teaches them to time themselves properly thus ensuring that they complete the paper on time and with ease.

Identify the frequently asked questions Aside from this it even assists them in identifying the commonly asked questions, thus enabling them to pay more attention to these questions as the probability ratio of these questions being repeated is pretty high.

Benefits and Importance of Solving Mock Questions PapersAllows you to test your preparation For those students who are thoroughly prepared for the examination is gives them a chance to assess their preparation, identify the loop holes if any, realise which topics need a brush up or more learning. Therefore it ensures that they are well prepared assuming that they have enough time to study topics that they are weak in or need another revision.

Completes a thorough preparation If students have already done a thorough study, taking a mock test adds to their thorough preparation. It helps them develop confidence in the matter studied all the while giving them the assurance that they remember all the material that was studied. It makes them sure that they will score good grades and pass with flying colours provided, they have answered every question based on the expectation. It even helps them to gage the marks that they are sure to get.

Benefits and Importance of Solving Mock Questions PapersAssists last-minute preparation It reduces the anxiousness of students who study last minute. As they can identify questions that are likely to come in the examination thus they tend to focus mainly on such questions. Because the possibility of completing the portion is not an option for such individuals. All said and done, at the end of the day acquiring good grades is a necessity if students wish to pursue a course that they are interested in and aspire to become eventually. If you are looking for examination tips, tips to overcome stress or are simply looking for information about a course of interest, then you can visit our website

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Personality Tests – How do they Help?

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There has been a long standing debate about whether Personality Tests help. Due to the difference of opinion, it can be argued from both sides either for or against personality tests. But I for one would like to be for it. Hence, the question, personality tests – How do they help? comes to the fore.

Importance and Benefits of Personality TestsIn an attempt to answer this question, we first need to familiarise ourselves on the concepts that are sure to arise. Beginning with the the main question What is Personality? In simple terms personality is everything that you are as a person. Your strengths, weakness, likes, dislikes, your talents, interests all together make you the person that you are, “A unique individual with your own experiences, capabilities, talents, interests, weaknesses; set apart from the others.”

Another term that is most likely to surface is the concept of personality traits. Put simply it is nothing but the characteristics that you possess which are displayed in a situations, if given an opportunity – such as leadership qualities, perseverance so on and so forth.

Now that we are clear about the concepts lets discuss cases to find out more about the benefits of enrolling your child for a personality test and to proceed to the questions, Whether personality tests help, and if they do how?

In an attempt to answer these questions, here are a few benefits that you and your child can avail off.

Importance and Benefits of Personality TestsInsight into oneself

A personality assessment can help individuals to discover things that they didn’t know about themselves. It can help them realise their potentials and capabilities. And help them identify their hidden talents.

Insight into your personality

Besides gaining an insight into oneself, personality tests also highlight the aspects of ones personality – their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and their dominant characteristics. For instance it can help them to identify whether they are extroverts, introverts or are ambiverts instead.

Suitable profession

Based on the information gathered, they can identify which professions best suit them and ones that they need to stay away from or what aspects about themselves they need to improve to pursue their desired course. Thus helping them to arrive at a decision that work best for them based on their personality traits.

Success rate

Once they are aware of their personality type or the kind of personality they have and have chosen a suitable profession, they are bound to succeed nonetheless provided they possess the necessary skills and display their potentials as well.

Importance and Benefits of Personality TestsThese are but only a few aspects that a personality assessment can shed light on. So if you are curious about your child’s personality you can enroll them for our comprehensive test battery that not only assess the personality type but even assess the abilities, study habits, aspired career and that takes into consideration their academic performance in order to guide children in the right direction by our counsellors and help them succeed nonetheless. For further details you can visit our website

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7 Ways to Keep a Stress Free Mind

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Stress is a but a necessary evil, because dealing with stress helps us to grow and mature. Even though stress causes a lot of negativity to develop, if there is one thing you can control is how much it affects your life. If stress keeps building up in your life then you need to find ways to deal with it. Besides an overload of stress can harm your health. Irrespective of age differences, the one thing that affects us all whether student or adult is stress. Although the degrees differ based on the age, knowing how to keep a stress free mind becomes essential for both students as well as adults.

7 Ways to Keep a stress Free MindSo if you find stress eating into your life or you find yourself snapping at the ones you love the most, it means that you need to come up with better ways to deal with the stress in your life. In view of this here are 7 ways to keep a stress free mind.

1. Know the reasons for the stress

The first step to keep stress at bay is to identify the reasons as to why you are stressed. This is important because without knowing the reasons, tackling it becomes that much more difficult.

2. Identify the mechanisms used to overcome stress

Once you have identified the reasons the next step is to identify the methods used to tackle stress. Sometimes, the methods used can be ineffective thus leading to the situation becoming worse resulting in further stress.

3. Analyse your reactions to stress

At times the methods used or your reactions to stress are faulty resulting in the situation worsening. So you need to determine whether your behaviour was appropriate in the given situation. And find out if there was a better way to tackle the situation in a more healthy manner.

4. Rate your stress

It is important for you to rate your stress levels depending upon the situation. So you can rate your stress levels on a scale of 1 to 10. With 1 being the least stressful and 10 being the most. Based on the analyses of the reasons you can then decide whether it is a minor issue or a major one that is getting you stressed out.

5. Develop effective ways to combat stress

Upon identifying both the reasons and the mechanisms used to tackle stress, you then need to form ways or plans that will help you overcome stress in an appropriate manner. Some stress busting tips that can help are listed out.

  • 7 Ways to Keep a stress Free MindDevelop a hobby

  • If you play a musical instrument then pick it up and play along

  • For some listening to music helps, so go and listen to your favorite music

  • If you are more of a singer than sing along

  • If you play a sport then you need to take the ball out and play in your veranda

  • If you prefer dancing than just dance

  • If you are a basket ball player then go out and throw some hoops

Several studies have highlighted the effectiveness of engaging in hobbies when one is stressed out, so if you don’t have one than develop one it will help you in the long run nonetheless.

6. Get adequate sleep

7 Ways to Keep a stress Free MindSometimes inadequate sleep also increases stress. So ensure that you get adequate sleep. If you have trouble sleeping than here are few tips that you can try out:

  • Read a book or two

  • The all time favorite exercise that can help is counting backwards from 1000 to 1

  • If you are the type that thinks too much than try to stop

  • sometimes dreaming about scoring a goal or winning the game also helps

7. Get some exercise

Lack of exercise also causes stress. So another way to tackle stress is to engage in regular exercise, preferably in the morning. Exercising relaxes and refreshes the body and also assists in developing a positive attitude.

Following these simple tips can help your to keep stress at bay, thus improving your health as well.

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What Defence Services Offer?

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Dear students, all of you have aspirations and dreams, of what your education will finally yield. If you are looking for a fat pay packet, a corporate job is the answer. But above and beyond this should be the question of what the job offer in totality. Let us see what attributes go into making an excellent career. Career in Defence Services | Indian Armed Services1. The attributes that one expects from a satisfying profession are:-

(a)   Professional Advancement

(b)   Job Satisfaction

(c)   Job Security

(d)  Economic Stability

(e)  Social Status

(f)  Quality of Life

(g) Variety and Adventure

2.  If these are what you too are looking forward to, then Defence Services is the profession for you, as these in the Defence Services, compare far more than favourably with any other service.

3. All of us are aware that, professions are competitive, in so far as promotions are concerned. Defence Services is no different. However, as said earlier the competition in the Defence Services is clean and devoid of any other factor but competence.Career in Defence Services | Indian Armed Services


The promotional avenues available to a Defence Officer are in two ways:-

(a)     By Time Scale

(b)     By Selection         


Lack of job satisfaction leads to tremendous frustration and results in job-hopping. Jobs in the civil world whether with the government or the corporate leave one with no alternate avenues if stuck with a frustrating portfolio or set up. On the contrary, the sheer variety, sense of purpose, responsibility and pride, negate any job dissatisfaction in the Defence Services.


For an effective career, a long-term strategy is essential and this is possible only if continuity and job security is assured. The Defence Services has been structured to ensure that its personnel work with unhindered dignity. Additionally, statutory rules and regulations exist to safeguard the interests of the servicemen adequately both while in service and after retirement.

Career in Defence Services | Indian Armed Services7. FOREIGN COURSES AND POSTINGS

The service also offers opportunity for courses and postings abroad. The India Defence Officer is renowned all over the world and interaction with foreign armies is extensive. Service with UN Forces provides exposure and travel opportunities across the globe.


Consequent to the Sixth Pay Commission salaries have shot up. While the pay and the allowances of an Army officer may superficially appear to be at par with other Central government services, and may be less than that offered by the corporate sector, the quality of life and non-inflationary nature of the perks, which the Defence Services offers outshine the other services. Government job entitles you to many hidden perks, which you may NOT quantify while calculating remuneration. Apparently, there are about 61 types of facilities, benefits and allowances that are applicable to Defence Services in general. In fact if one were to work out the remuneration of a service officer vis-a-vis a comparable job in the private sector, on the basis of ‘cost to company’ you would be astounded to find the returns of a Defence Officer to be more if not the same. Some of these perks which are not quantified in terms of cash and are immune to inflation are as follows in case of a Lieutenant, which is the starting rank.

Career in Defence Services | Indian Armed Services9. POST RETIREMENT BENEFITS



As an Indian Defence Services officer at 21, you’d be looking at a lifestyle that one cannot imagine in any other profession, so early in life. What compromises “Quality of Life”? On one hand is a job with a thick pay packet but with the drudgery of 9AM to 9PM schedule, no avenues and time for extracurricular activities, no scope for adventure and excitement, no social status, lack of family life, threat of being terminated with a month’s salary, working in suffocating environment with no self-respect and honour. On the other hand is a job which offers you challenge, adventure, excitement, honour, prestige, self-respect, whole some family life, safety and security for the family and to top it all the love, respect and esteem of our great India. In the somewhat chaotic social and economic conditions that prevail in our country, Army life is an island of sanity and social order that is the envy of our countrymen. Quality of life is an important attribute of Defence life, and has no parallel in any other service. Some of the intangibles, which go to make the quality of life in the Defence Services, are:-

  • Service of the motherland.
  • A profession to be proud of
  • Opportunity to travel and know the country and its people/culture/flora and fauna
  • Opportunity to serve and represent the nation abroad
  • A pure and noble profession
  • Honour and social status
  • No stagnation, a new challenge every day.
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Sports and adventure activity
  • Messes, clubs and institutions facilities
  • Education facilities – Both school and professional colleges for children
  • Quality of life ensured not only for officers, but also families.

Career in Defence Services | Indian Armed Services11. VARIETY AND ADVENTURES

 Variety and adventure are the spice and romance of life. No profession has the kind of recreational and adventure facilities to offer as the Defence Services does; from membership of the best clubs in country to horse riding, swimming, golfing, mountaineering, trekking and sailing. Posting to exotic stations gives one an opportunity to see India and its different cultures, in all its vivid glory. You may also get a chance to go abroad on course or on posting. So, if one is looking for a profession, which goes beyond being a mere job, accept the challenge and join the Indian Defence Services.


The Defence Services affords a very open, impartial and transparent avenue for professional enhancement. For a professionally dedicated officer with sincerity and dedication, the sky is the limit. Salient aspects of professional enhancement are as follows:-

  • Opportunity for higher study in prestigious institutions both in India and abroad
  • Deputation in various scientific institutions in the country including DRDO, DGQA, LRDE, BEL, ITI and host of others
  • Foreign assignments in the UNO and Indian embassies/missions
  • Foreign assignments in connection with the procurement of advanced technology and weaponry and training to handle and maintain the same
  • Promotions solely based on capability and free of any extraneous consideration


Career in Defence Services | Indian Armed Services13. IN SERVICE

All of us have our own opinion about what constitutes “social status”. However it is an undisputed fact that the status of a ‘warrior’ has stood the test of time. History and society have both held the soldier in esteem and offered him a unique status in society. By joining the Defence Services, one becomes a member of an exclusive and elite brotherhood, which is the envy of one and all.


Even after laying down the uniform, Defence Services officers continue to have the status of the most respected citizens of our country. This added to their ingrained code of conduct and ethical values enable them to occupy a special social niche in society. Since he is much fitter due to the active lifestyle he has led, a second career or lateral absorption in parallel employment is always eminently feasible. His do or die attitude and mental agility ensures that he never really grows into old age, but continues to contribute and thus remain a valued member of society.

Here it would be apt to reiterate – That all professions serve our motherland – but none of them is in the same league as the Indian Army – for this is the only profession which affords you the opportunity to live up to these stirring lines.








Think about it. It’s a challenge that will change you forever. And that’s a soldier’s word.

Career in Defence Services | Indian Armed ServicesContributor: Sukreet Gupta.

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